11 Mar

Calling all rebrides!  We are looking for gals to don their bridal gowns and submit photos to us in the following categories:

- 80′s rebrides (looking for some mega-puffy sleeves!)

- Rebride at Springtime

- Regroom

- Generic rebride photos

What will you do in your wedding gown?  Snap a picture and email it to us at See photo submission guidelines at Be Our Next Rebride.

Rebride boots

Rebride tea party

16 Feb

These rebrides know how to have a classy afternoon…high tea, kisses and even throwing punches have never looked lovelier.

Get your girls together for a rebride afternoon and email us your photos at!

October contest winner!

3 Nov

Congratulations to our October winner, Laurie!  Here is the winning shot:

Nothing brings out the joy of cooking quite like wearing your wedding dress while doing so.


We thought this picture was pretty awesome as well…

Flour, chocolate chips, a good cookbook, dynamite apron, cute little girl and a wedding gown…ingredients for a perfect morning!

What do you like best about these photos?  We like the flour on the forehead- nice touch!

Next week:  photos from our runner up…a rebride tea-party gone wrong.

October contest ends midnight October 31!

30 Oct

‘Golly! I sure can’t wait to get back from my honeymoon! I’m going to repair the roof in this gown and submit my photo to rebride!


Tomorrow is your last chance to submit your own rebride photo for our October contest!  Winner will receive a Starbucks gift card and be featured on our website, along with our runners-up.


So… what will you do in your gown?  Menial housework?  Car repairs?  Take the kids trick-or-treating?  Skydiving?  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Email your photos to

Remember, why trash the dress when you can simply re-hash the dress?

Rebride Around Town in The Gown

27 Oct

As we always say, why trash the gown when you can take it out on the town?  Take a look at these rebrides, who did exactly that.

Comment on the photo you like the best!

If you liked this photo shoot, check out the video of these rebrides busking:

Think you can top this?  REBRIDE YOURSELF:  4 days left to submit your own rebride photo(s) for our October rebride contest.  Winner to be announced November 1!  Email your rebride photos to:


Rebride reads

20 Oct

Rebrides are intelligent and love to read.  They just look better than everyone else while doing so.  Take a look:

11 days left to submit your own rebride photos for our October contest!  Email your own rebride pictures to


Rebride Volleyball Takedown

17 Oct

Power Tool Pretty

14 Oct

Obviously, rebrides regularly wield power tools to build and fix things just like everyone else; we just make it look a little more elegant than most.  Take a look at this rebride, who practically built herself a house while wearing her wedding gown:

Think you can do something even more amazing in your own wedding dress?  Submit your own rebride photos of yourself doing something ordinary or extraordinary in your wedding gown before October 31 for a chance to be featured on our website and win Starbucks gift cards!  Email your photos and questions to  Just remember–at, we don’t trash our dresses.  We  re-hash them.  It’s more fun that way, AND you will still have that dress to hand down to your granddaughter. Rebride yourself!

Spot the Rebride

10 Oct

We have carefully hidden a few rebrides in the photos below.  Can you find them?

Two rebrides are hiding here

Two rebrides

Two rebrides.




Now can you see them?

Four rebrides

Rebride in the science lab

6 Oct


Bring a little glamour to your daily life…and celebrate that dress and that marriage while you’re at it!

Don’t trash your dress. Re-hash it…like this rebride did.

We’ve heard that chemistry can be beautiful… here’s proof!

Making Science beautiful.

Chemistry experiment gone right.

She’s on fire! Oh wait, that’s just the bunson burner.


Rebride yourself!

 Now accepting submissions for our October photocontest.  Submit a photo of yourself doing something ordinary or extraordinary in your original wedding gown for a chance to win a $25 or $10 Starbucks gift certificate and be featured on our blog.  See here for submission guidelines.